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MAC 4.1

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MAC 4.1

Ref Length (mm) Width (mm) Inside Height (mm) Outside Height (mm) Area (m2) WC
MAC 4.141002350230025809,6-
MAC 4.241002350230023509,6SIM
MAC 6.0600023502300235014,1-
Memoria descritiva MD7 9002 3502 3002 35018,52250.00
MAC 6.2600023502300235014,1SIM
MAC 6.3600023502300235014,1SIM
MAC Memória genérica7 9002 3502 3002 35018,52250.00
MAC 6.4600023502300235014,1SIM
MAC 6.5600023502300235014,1SIM
MAC 6.9600023502300235014,1SIM
MAC 7.1695023502300258016,3-
MAC 7.5695023502300258016,3SIM
MAC 7.9695023502300258017,7SIM
MB memória descritiva-
MAC 9.1-


Outside Width 2350 mm
Inside Height 2300mm
Windows Aluminum lacquered white, sliding 2F, 925x1045mm, with grids (option: mosquito net)
Doors White lacquered steel, insulated, 40mm thick (according to the drawing)
Panel Sandwich 950mm; thickness 30mm; profiled; white lacquer
Type of Pavement Base: Galvanized structure with locking in omegas. Flat in MgO
Floor Coverings   Vinyl screen
Roof Profiled galvanized sheet. False ceiling made of white lacquered steel blades
Insulation of Coverage  Rock wool with anti-vapor barrier, 60mm thick
Eletrical Board 1 25A / 30mA differential, 1 10A + 2 16A circuit breaker (with AC + 1 16A circuit breaker)
Sockets Single-phase overhang (according to drawing)
Switches Surface mounting (according to drawing)


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